Black Hawk College honors 16 exceptional QC students

Black Hawk College recently celebrated the accomplishments of 16 outstanding students at the college’s 2012 Student Commitment to Excellence Awards Banquet.

The students were honored for outstanding performance in areas outside of academics, athletics and arts. Many honorees have overcome substantial obstacles in order to pursue their education. Many are involved in community service, whether at the college or in the wider community. Many have yet other accomplishments.

The 2012 Student Commitment to Excellence Award honorees are:

• Rebecca Baldwin nominated by Yen Dao
• Tanya Barbour nominated by Cynthia Green
• Abram Brooks nominated by Debbie Collins
• Juan Collazo nominated by Dan Slater
• Houevi Dosseh nominated by Anne Bollati
• Daniele Givens nominated by Kathleen McCabe
• Ross Haskins nominated by Darcie Stearns
• Richard Harkless nominated by Susan McPeters
• Antonio Heh nominated by Mary Lou Lohman & Bob Ryden
• Cory Holloway nominated by Dr. Thomas B. Baynum
• Michelle Johnson nominated by Jen Holldorf
• Carrie Kennedy-Hoover nominated by Jaime Delevere
• Andrea Laermans nominated by Carolyn Hulsen
• David J. Leib nominated by Marceia Duhm
• LaTrica Moore nominated by Joseph Obleton
• Ada Wilson nominated by Terri Sacco