I am Black Hawk

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BHC students elect Carlos Martinez student trustee for 2016-17
Carlos Martinez of Colona was elected by his peers to be the student representative on the Black Hawk College Board of Trustees for 2016-17. He was seated at the board’s April 28 meeting and will serve until April 2017. Martinez … Continue reading
Jon-Luc at Disney
Hey! This is Jon-Luc! I’ll be talking about my time I spent at Black Hawk College and my duration here at Disney World! I went to BHC from Fall 2011 to Spring 2014 and my major was Elementary Education. The … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College – Mark Seaholm
For 30 years, Mark Seaholm has taught Black Hawk College Professional and Continuing Education students how to cut glass pieces and assemble them into beautiful works of art. “When I meet students from one of his past classes, they tell … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College – Dan Hoge
Ag professor Dan Hoge’s enthusiasm for the livestock industry and his vast knowledge of all three species – swine, beef and sheep – has led to the success of the livestock judging program at Black Hawk College East Campus, making … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College – Melissa Hebert-Johnson
Melissa Hebert-Johnson, associate professor of art history, spent part of her summer in India as a participant in “India’s Past and the Making of the Present,” a U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute. She was one of 24 … Continue reading
I am BHC – Matt Case
BHC alum Matt Case started nearly four years ago with a small backyard garden. Today he manages 12 acres of crops at his farm, QC Organics. Matt grows and distributes a wide variety of vegetables, including broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant, … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College – Terrance Gray
After 16 years in retail, Terrance Gray was ready for a career change. In high school, he had an interest in art but set it aside after graduating in 1994. But his love of art was passed on to his … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College – Andrew Russell
Andrew Russell decided to attend Black Hawk College after hearing wonderful things about the college’s instructors. Even though he is an Iowa resident, he could not pass up the opportunity to take classes with such highly esteemed teachers. Andrew says … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College – Mohammad Zubaer Alam Tazin
Mohammad Zubaer Alam Tazin – better known simply as Tazin – is originally from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh in southern Asia. With approximately 7 million people, Dhaka is the largest city in Bangladesh. Being an international student has shown … Continue reading
Black Hawk College Transfer Student – Therese Dockery-Jackson
Student: Therese Dockery-Jackson Transfer School: St. Ambrose University Major: Occupational Therapy, Class of 2015  How long did you attend Black Hawk College? I attended Black Hawk College for three semesters before transferring to St. Ambrose University. After my first semester at … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College – Lindsey Wagner
Lindsey Wagner figured she would become a nurse after high school. She worked in the health care field for several years, but found herself getting burned out. “It just wasn’t for me anymore. At the time, I thought my life … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College – BHC’s Nicke named Rock Island Citizen of the Year for education
Black Hawk College’s Glenda Nicke, Dean of Adult and Continuing Education, has been named the Rock Island 2012 Citizen of the Year in the education category. There are eight categories for Citizen of the Year. An overall Citizen of the Year … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College – College for Kids
More than 1,000 talented and gifted students entering grades 6-9 recently spent a week at the Quad-Cities Campus for the 32nd College for Kids program. View photos from this summer’s College for Kids. Students took three classes ranging from Algebra … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College – Kylee Fox
Students should be proud to be a part of Black Hawk College. I’ve heard claims that community colleges are merely a continuation of high school, meaning most are still surrounded by some of the same people they’ve spent the previous … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College – Juli Hurley
BHC horticulture student Juli Hurley lends a hand On May 18, 2010, Juli Hurley was a stay-at-home mom who had never been to college. On May 18, 2012, the 41-year-old graduated with honors from Black Hawk College East Campus. “Two … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College- Kim Hurley
There were a lot of reasons that BHC nursing instructor Kim Hurley could have given up or headed down the wrong path as she was growing up. – She had cancer when she was 4 years old and underwent chemo … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College – Mark Gordon
The National Western Stock Show, known as the “Super Bowl of Cattle Shows,” is a Denver tradition. Every year in January, the world’s largest stock show comes together. In 2012, Mark Gordon – a 1983 graduate of Black Hawk College … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College – Dr. Bettie Truitt
For 18 years, Dr. Bettie Truitt taught mathematics in Building 3 at the Quad-Cities Campus. She worked with a wide range of students, from those just getting started with developmental classes to those taking 200-level courses. “I have a true … Continue reading
I am Black Hawk College – Morgan Nelson
Morgan Nelson has been attending Black Hawk College East Campus since her senior year at Galva High School. She started her freshman year at Black Hawk College with 27 college credits already completed as a dual-enrollment student. An active student … Continue reading
Nursing student successfully juggles school, kids, work
Sara Limon is a full-time nursing student and mom to Jenica, 8, and Alicia, 6. Students from all walks of life attend Black Hawk College each semester, but class schedules and majors are not the only things students must worry … Continue reading