Testimonials (2009)

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“I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your instructors for what you have done for my son, Jason
Mitchell. Once Jason started the class he called me everyday very excited about what he had learned
that day. When he graduated the class his mother and I were as proud as we could be of him. With your
help he was able to get a job as a welder with McLaughlin Body. Everyday he becomes more confident in
what he is doing and has become a great provider for his family. I really feel that you help to put him on a
great path for the rest of his life.” ~ Mike Mitchell

“This is probably the best hazmat refresher course we’ve had. The instructor kept on topic and kept it

“I would like to thank you for such a good class. I feel after taking this class we could successfully contain
a leak to get the problem solved. Before this class, I would have run.”

“The college and your instructors have been able to fulfill our training needs and improve the over-all
knowledge of our team members. We have had very positive feedback from every class.”

“After completing the six-week Production MIG Welding Program through Black Hawk College, they
helped me submit a professional resume and right after the class I was hired by McLaughlin Body Co. as
a production welder.
Thanks Black Hawk College and Julie Gelaude for all your help.” ~ James Needham

“I was currently enrolled in Production Welding which lasted for six weeks. Learning new skills is very
important in these days, for it is hard to find those good paying jobs without the important skills. I rather
enjoyed the last six weeks in learning my new skills. The Production Welding Program was a great class
in which I learned many things in welding.

I am a 25-year old female and finding these good paying jobs are hard to find. I knew that it was out of the
question to go to a 4-year college, because of the cost and how old I would be when I finish. I was
working two jobs just get by, and was tired of that. So my mother told me to enroll in the welding class at
BHC. My sister went through the class, and had a great job at John Deere. I really enjoyed myself; Red
and Steve helped me so much.

In our three days of classroom time, we learned the fundamentals of reading blueprints. In the hands-on
training we went through all different weld sizes using different machines and having different partners.
We went through 6, 8, 9 and 13mm welds, the square grove weld and vertical down. It was most
rewarding learning this new skill. And Red and Steve were great to teach us. What we went through I
know now I will find that good paying job because I took this course.” Thank You ~ Rachel Sullivan

“Just wanted to emphasize how much I got from the project management training. I am excited about the
material and am ready to apply it to my everyday projects. I found it extremely helpful to be able to work
on a project that I am currently working on. This made the material, more understandable to me. Input
from the other class members was also very useful.”

“Black Hawk College has been very flexible with us for all of our training needs and clearly understands
and considers all of our budget needs. The college offers and suggests other areas of training that might
benefit our company. In addition, they have helped us receive training assistance from state agencies.”

“BHC provides a variety of training programs that they customize to fit our individual needs. They take the time to find out about the employees and are flexible with our needs.”

“Of course the professionalism is unbeatable. The business training staff works with my facility to provide
the most training for the amount of money we are willing to spend. I receive help obtaining available grant
monies so the training costs are as low as possible and the process for obtaining grant money is as
painless and simple as it can be.”

“I like working with Black Hawk College because it is local. They have or can attain the resources we
need for training. The costs of the classes I’ve been involved in are reasonably priced.”

“I really like working with the coordinators. They are great at putting together training that really works for
our employees, both in the content and the instructors that they find for us.”

“The staff has always been great to work with and our company appreciates the extra touch we receive
whenever we have dealt with BHC.”