Student Support Services (TRiO SSS) offers services to help participants succeed in college and graduate on a timely basis. The services include free tutoring, academic advising, career development assistance, personal, academic and career advising, equipment loan, and college success workshops and discussions.

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SSS advising »

SSS advising – An individualized My TRiO BHC Plan is developed with each new project participant during the first month and is reviewed each semester following. As a contract between the participant and the SSS Advisor, this plan identifies specific academic goals/support needs and spells out strategies for successfully achieving your goals.

SSS advisors have the advantage of knowing the individual needs of their students and can assist them in preparing their class schedules based on these needs. The SSS advisor also provides ongoing major and career guidance and recommendations for transfer, graduation and employment.

Academic performance monitoring »

Academic performance monitoring – SSS advisors will monitor the academic progress of all participants. They also will provide individual advisement to help students successfully complete their programs of study.

Each fall and spring semester, progress reports are sent out on behalf of all SSS participants. Faculty note a student’s attendance, test scores and current grade in the course and can make additional comments for success. Students with less than a “C” in any course are advised to meet with their advisor to discuss a plan for improvement.

Cultural and social activities »

Cultural and social activities – TRiO strives to build a learning community where our students from diverse backgrounds have opportunities to enjoy the diversity of the Black Hawk College community. We provide free social and cultural activities throughout the year for students to meet their TRiO peers, faculty and staff.

Support for students with disabilities »

Support for students with disabilities – TRiO staff work closely with our students with disabilities to facilitate their learning experience. We work collaboratively with the Black Hawk College Disability Services Office supporting students with disabilities.

The SSS Grant Aid »

SSS Grant Aid
TRiO Grant Aid Scholarship Application
The TRiO SSS project has funds to provide a grant to eligible students. Eligibility for the SSS grant is based on involvement, Pell Grant eligibility, financial need and class standing.

Tutors »

Tutors – Students in SSS are eligible for individual tutoring. Students can work with one tutor in a subject area throughout the entire semester, meeting the tutor at regularly scheduled times on a weekly basis.

Tutors are available for when you want to schedule only one appointment because you need help understanding a particular concept or completing a specific assignment.

Walk-in tutoring is also available for TRiO SSS students in the tutoring labs in the Student Success Center. Tutor schedules will be posted in the Student Success Center and on the website, so check these schedules for when walk-in times are available.

Workshops »

Workshops – A series of 50- to 55-minute workshops have been developed to help students improve their academic, personal and social skills. Both small group and one-to-one workshops are available.

Workshop Schedule


Equipment loan lending program »

Equipment loan lending program– The TRiO SSS program has laptop computers, calculators, and handheld recorders that the SSS students may check out for academic purposes. The SSS student may contact any SSS staff and request use of one of the items. The students are required to sign an equipment loan agreement and failure to return items may result in a hold on the student’s account until the issue has been resolved.

Last updated 9/1/2016