SLC Appointments

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Appointment of Senators: Appointment process shall be held approximately one month prior to the end of spring semesters at dates determined by the senator appointment committee and publicized in accordance with the by-laws.

a) Upon verification of a properly submitted application, the senator appointment committee shall place the candidate’s name on the list for the next scheduled set of interviews. The application must be submitted at least one week prior to scheduled interviews.
b) The candidate’s legal name, middle names optional, shall be placed on the list in the order the applications are received. If a candidate commonly goes by a nickname, that name may be placed in quotation marks after the given name.
c) Interviews shall be available to applicants through a variety of times and days of the week over the course of at least two weeks.
e) The candidates with the highest point totals from interview committee members shall fill the available Senator positions. If two or more candidates tie for the last available position, a winner shall be chosen by lot in a fair and open manner chosen by the senator appointment committee.
f ) The Senators’ terms of office begin at the third Senate meeting following appointments.
g) Newly appointed senators shall attend all SLC meetings between the appointment and the time that they take office. Returning senators will be sworn-in at the meeting where the new senators take office.

Elections of Officers:
a) The Senate shall elect from among their number several officers, who:
1. Shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Financial Administrator.
2. Shall be elected after the newly elected Senators take office.
3. Shall retain all rights and responsibilities of Senators, and are considered as Senators, but shall use only the title of their respective office.
4. Shall not hold two or more offices concurrently.
5. Shall not be elected to more than three terms to the same office.

6. Shall uphold the SLC Officer Guidelines created and approved by the current Executive Committee.

Application packets are available in the Student Life Office located in Building 4, Room 202A. E-mail for more information.

Last updated 5/6/2015