SLC Committees

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Activities Committee: to organize and facilitate activities that complement the educational opportunities of Black Hawk College or provide entertainment.

Volunteerism Committee: to encourage community service among the SLC, clubs/organizations, and the college community.

Governing Committee: to collect input from the student body and lobby for student requested change to the appropriate members of the college.

Legal Affairs Committee: to propose amendments or other remedies concerning controversies of interpretation or deficiencies of the constitution or by-laws, and to make recommendations regarding removal of any officer or expulsion of any Senator.

Inter-Club Council Committee: to encourage greater interaction and cooperation among the various clubs and organizations; to serve as an educational resource for existing clubs as well as students who wish to join or start clubs, and to advise the Executive Committee and Senate on issues concerning various clubs and organizations.

Finance Committee: to be responsible for budgeting and funding of all SLC monies in the best interest of the students at Black Hawk College. The Finance Committee shall also make recommendations for all Black Hawk College club requests for funding.

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Last updated 10/2/2014