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Student organizations are a great way to get involved on campus, meet new people, and gain the leadership experience that is needed out in the “real world”! All student clubs are open to all interested students. Honor societies often have associate memberships available until academic requirements are fulfilled. All students are eligible to join SLC. The office is in Building 4. Forms
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Active Clubs/Organizations

African Student Association (ASA)
The purpose of ASA shall be to unify Black Hawk College African students for greater achievements, and to create a framework to facilitate their integration in the BHC community.
Advisor: Anne Bollati • 309-796-5183 –

Alpha Beta Gamma (business honor society)
Alpha Beta Gamma encourages scholarship among the students in the business curricula. Alpha Beta Gamma provides opportunities for the development of leadership, service, fosters an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas, provide lively fellowship for scholars, and strives toward the stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence. National website
Mary Kline • 309-796-5321 –

Art Collective
The Art Collective is the student art club of Black Hawk College. The Art Collective’s mission is to provide a supportive environment for artists. Membership is open to students, alumni, faculty, and staff of the college who are interested in the visual arts.
The Art Collective’s Facebook page
Advisor: Zaiga Thorson • 309-796-5469 –

Association of Latin-American Students (ALAS)
ALAS members disseminate information about the Hispanic culture, carry out recreational and social activities, organize fundraisers, encourage and support Hispanics in pursuing higher education, and promote diversity through cultural, educational, and social activities. Open to students of all cultures. Promotes intercultural awareness and friendships.
Gabriella Hurtado • 309-796-5107 –
Juanita Zertuche • 309-796-5186 –

BITS – Black Hawk College IT Society
AITP is the computer club at Black Hawk College for students interested in computer programming, networking, computer support, and web development. Events include speakers from the IT industry and regional and national collegiate meetings and competitions.
Debbie Collins • 309-796-5316 –
Jamie Hill • 309-796-5284 –

Child Development Club
The Child Development Club was established to support and encourage child development students. The proceeds from fundraisers support professional development for students as well as not-for-profit organizations enhancing the lives of children and families.
Advisor: Catherine Melear • 309-796-5988 –

Clean Sphere
Clean Sphere promotes environmental appreciation, awareness, and stewardship among the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Black Hawk College. Members have the opportunity to organize and participate in a variety of environmental efforts including, but not limited to, cleanups, habitat restoration, advocacy efforts, enhanced recycling programs, and seminars or speakers that address environmental issues. View website
Advisor: Marilynn Bartels • 309-796-5235 –

College Democrats
This organization enhances student knowledge about proposed legislation and also helps elect local Democrats. Members work directly with the Democratic Party.
Advisor: Joan Eastlund • 309-796-5424 –

College Republicans
This organization increases student knowledge about proposed legislation and helps local Republicans get elected into office. Members work with the Republican Party.
Advisor:Rich Morthland • 09-796-5368 –

Conversation Club
This organization unifies students of faith in Jesus Christ at Black Hawk College to grow in their faith and do God’s Will in the college community and beyond.
Advisor: Edgar Crockett • 309-796-5049 –

Disabled Student’s Organization (DSO) formerly Delta Sigma Omicron
DSO is a club for students with and without disabilities to explore activities and work on projects that enhance Black Hawk College. It also provides opportunities for members to build relationships and become active in the community.
Advisor: Susan Sacco • 309-796-5903 –

Engineering Club
The purpose of the Engineering Club is to promote and increase opportunity for students, faculty, and alumni of BHC to become engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. The club serves as a place where its members can become more familiar with physics and applied science by exposing them to the world of science and engineering, by participating in field trips, lectures, and group engineering projects.
Advisor: Dr. Doug Davidson • 309-796-5246 –

Engineering Technology Club
The purpose of ETC shall be to help provide a social network for students enrolled in the Engineering Technology, Sustainable Technology, and Material Science programs at Black Hawk College.
Advisor: Lee Blackmon • 309-796-5000 –

Free the Slaves
The purpose of Free the Slaves is to raise awareness regarding the issues of modern-day slavery, to further the goals and abolitionist ambitions outlined by Free The Slaves, and to generate funds to help end modern-day slavery. Additionally, this chapter seeks to bring together all those who share the common goal of ending Slavery within the Black Hawk Community.
Advisor: Fred Ingold • 309-796-5418–

International Student Association
The purpose of the International Student Association (ISA) is twofold: to foster international interaction and friendship among students (including American students), and to benefit the Black Hawk College and Quad Cities communities through cultural education and fund raising efforts.
Advisor: Juanita Zertuche • 309-796-5186 —
Advisor: Anne Bollati • 309-796-5183 —

League of Social Scientists
Disseminating and applying social sciences information throughout the academic and local community.
Sarah Morrison • 309-796-5439 –
Rachel Horner-Brackett • 309-796-5423 –

Military Students and Veterans Club (MSVC)
The BHC Military Students and Veterans Club (MSVC) is a charter member of the Student Veterans of America. Its purpose is to foster esprit de corps amongst military students, veterans, and their supporters. The club provides advocacy, support, referrals, and awareness of the needs of BHC military students and veterans in our community.
Links: MSVC Yahoo Group | MSVC Facebook | Student Veterans Of America | Student Veterans of America Facebook
BHC collects items for soldiers overseas, homeless in QC
Susan Sacco • 309-796-5903 –
Marceia Duhm • 309-796-5191 –



National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) – Black Hawk Chapter
The National Student Nurses Association mentors the professional development of future registered nurses and facilitates their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities and career guidance.
View video
Nursing students collect 2,000+ pounds of donations
BHC nursing students collect 60+ packages of diapers for shelters
Advisor: Kim Hurley • 309-796-5403 – hurleyk@bhc.eduPhilosophy Club
The purpose of The Philosophy Club is to provide a venue for BHC students to learn about, discuss and evaluate philosophical theories and topics.
Advisor: Kora Gould • 309-796-5426 – gouldk@bhc.eduPhysical Therapist Assistant Club
The Physical Therapist Assistant Program prepares students to graduate with entry-level clinical skills competitive for the demands of the changing health care environment. The program strongly encourages physical therapist assistants to continue lifelong learning through the attainment of continuing education, and to pursue leadership roles in their clinical and community environments. Furthermore, the Physical Therapist Assistant Club wishes to promote leadership, personal growth, and academic success among our classmates to pave the way toward success in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program.
Advisor: Diane Abels • 309-796-5394 –

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society – Eta Kappa chapter
Phi Theta Kappa is the honor society for two-year college. Its purpose is to recognize students who have proven themselves academically. Phi Theta Kappa provides opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.
Facebook Group


Melissa Hebert-Johnson • 309-796-5465 –
Nicole Banks • 309-796-5422

Psi Beta (psychology honor society)
Psi Beta is an honorary psychology organization that is devoted to promoting the interest in psychology of its members by community service, attendance at psychology conferences, research, sponsoring events on campus pertaining to psychology and social activities.
Advisor: Dr. Traci Davis • 309-796-5408 –

Quad Cities Anime Society (QCAS)
The QCAS attempts to spread knowledge of Japanese animation and culture in the Quad Cities. Members will explore Japanese culture, interact with others sharing similar interests, and watch the newest animation released in the United States.  View website
Advisor: Aymee Clever • 309-796-5449 –

Science Club
The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and provide tutoring in science courses, offer research opportunities, increase appreciation and awareness of the sciences, and stewardship among the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Black Hawk College by promoting, participating in, and organizing tutors and professors for academic help, speakers that address scientific achievements and discoveries in order to increase the awareness and appreciation of the sciences, research opportunities, educational programs and, or, other related science efforts.
Brian Glaser • 309-796-5238 –
Emily Lehman • 309-796-5087 –

Sigma Kappa Delta – English honor society for two-year colleges
The purpose of Sigma Kappa Delta is to recognize the academic achievement of students who have excelled in English courses and who are interested in the humanities. Students can develop their leadership skills by getting involved in activities sponsored by Delta Epsilon, Black Hawk College’s chapter.
Advisor: Dr. Diana Badur • 309-796-5428 –

Sisterhood On Campus (SOC)
The SOC attempts to unify all women on campus. Members explore common concerns and develop an understanding of issues facing sisterhood. SOC Associates include faculty members, staff, and administrators who act as mentors to student members.
Melissa Hebert-Johnson • 309-796-5465 –
Jen Holldorf • 309-796-5133 –
Jana Koch • 309-796-5177

Soccer Club
The Soccer Club serves as the outlet for physical fitness through the sport of soccer for BHC students and the BHC community. The organization practices weekly and competes year round in league play.
 Tiffany Hamilton • 309-796-5467 –

Social Gaming Club
The Black Hawk College Social Gaming Club is an organization dedicated to providing Black Hawk College students and the local community a place to participate in games and activities which promote social interaction. We currently provide board games, card games, and role playing games, video games, and chess and are always looking for more ways to offer ways for people to get together.
 Mike Staub • 309-796-5438 –

Student Athletes
See Student Athletic Handbook (Quad-Cities Campus) Code of Conduct Policy – Social Media Policy

Student Wellness Club
The Student Wellness Club creates a fun environment to encourage healthy active living in the Black Hawk College community. We promote knowledge about nutrition and exercise, stress reduction and management and general health and well-being. We organize and participate in numerous events, such as the annual Wellness Fair, the BHC Biggest Loser competition, fitness classes and seminars.
Advisor: Dr. Xixuan Collins • 309-796-5269 –

Table Tennis Players Club The purpose of Table Tennis Players Club is to provide a social environment aimed towards the betterment of ability, fellowship, and an atmosphere of friendly competition within Black Hawk College.
Paul Lange • 309-796-5408

Unity Alliance
The purpose of this group is to create unity among sexual orientation minority students, staff, faculty and their supporters. The group serves both a social and educational purpose in providing activities and opportunities to help raise awareness and promote understanding of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) issues and culture at BHC and in the community.
 Dr. Traci Davis • 309-796-5408 –

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