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Six laptop computers are available for loan at the Quad-Cities Campus Library. The laptops may be borrowed by students enrolled at Black Hawk College with library accounts in good standing for use in the library only. Ask the Library Circulation Desk for laptop availability.

Laptop Program FAQs

What if I need help?

We expect you to be familiar with the hardware and software. Library staff may provide assistance with issues related to library resources but not hardware/software issues. If the laptop is not working correctly, please return it to the Library Circulation Desk and report the problem(s) so we can troubleshoot the issue(s).

Why are laptops due back 30 minutes before the Circulation Desk closes?

We request that laptops be returned 30 minutes before the Circulation Desk closes so that laptops can be checked in and secured before the library closes.

Can I use the laptop on battery power?

Yes, but check the battery level by clicking on the battery icon (bottom right of the screen) which indicates the remaining battery life. If the battery is low there is a power cord provided in the laptop bag.

Are there power outlets available in the library for using the laptop?

Yes, there are electrical outlets in the library. Do not unplug library equipment to plug in the laptop.

Can I book a laptop in advance?

Advance bookings/holds for laptops will not be accepted.

What software and hardware is available on the laptop?


  • Internet Explorer
  • Windows Media Player


  • Wireless network card

What comes with the laptop?

When a laptop is borrowed, it is loaned with a bag that contains basic instructions, the laptop policy and power cord. Headphones are available upon request.

Can I access the Internet from the laptop?

The laptops are equipped with a wireless access card. The library has Internet access.

Can personal software and documents be saved on the laptop?

When the laptop is shut-down, all user installed software and files are erased. Please save your documents to a USB key or e-mail them to yourself. There is no way to recover your work once the laptop is shut down and restarted.

Where do I return the laptop?

The laptop must be returned in-person to the Circulation Desk. You will be asked to wait to allow staff to verify that all the pieces are returned before the laptop is discharged from your record. For this reason, laptops should not be placed in return bins available for other library materials. Laptops are due back 30 minutes before the Circulation Desk closes.

Can I renew a laptop?

Laptops may be renewed, if there are additional ones available for other users at the time of renewal. You must bring the laptop in-person to the Circulation Desk to request renewal.

Who is responsible for theft, damage or loss of the laptop?

You are financially responsible for the laptop and accessories while signed out in your name, as you agreed to when you signed the Laptop Loan Registration and Liability Form. Please consult our Laptop Loan Policy for additional information.

What are the fines for late return of the laptop?

A fine of $10 per hour (or part of an hour) will be assessed on all laptops returned late, to a maximum of $100. Failure to return the laptop by the library closing time will be considered a loss by the Black Hawk College Library with the borrower being charged a $500 replacement fee.

What is the loan period?

The loan period for laptops is two hours and only one laptop can be checked out to a student at a time.

Where may I use the laptop?

Laptops are loaned for on-campus, in-library use only. Users must abide by the BHC Computer Security and Responsible Use Administrative Guidelines.

Who can borrow a laptop?

All currently registered BHC students may borrow laptops. First-time laptop borrowers must fill out a Laptop Loan Registration and Liability Form (available at the Circulation Desk) which allows them to borrow a laptop during the current semester. Laptops will not be loaned to borrowers with current blocked library accounts (fines, delinquent or lost material, etc.). No individual may borrow a laptop with the intended purpose of allowing another individual the use of that laptop. A driver’s license or state ID and BHC Library card are needed to borrow a laptop.