How do I attend BHC while attending another college?

Follow the steps below to successfully register at BHC and ensure the courses you take will meet requirements for your degree or major at your home college or university.

1. Apply to attend BHC at

2. For course descriptions and pre-requisite requirements consult the current BHC catalog at

For course transferability, use MyCreditsTransfer and Transferology.MyCreditsTransfer is designed to facilitate transfer within Illinois using the nationally available tool, Transferology. Find the courses that transfer between institutions, degree requirements your courses satisfy and different majors that institutions offer.

Your home institution has the final say about accepting courses for transfer. Before registering, discuss your plans with your home institution.

3. Determine course availability:

  • Semester schedules and how to register:
  • Seating availability and real time semester schedules:

4. Satisfy course pre-requisites before you register. A BHC Advisor will ask you to document that you’ve met any pre-requisite by providing unofficial transcripts of completed course work and/or Compass and ACT test scores.

Email a BHC advisor at

  • Your email should include the BHC course (i.e. PSYC 101); your first name, middle initial and last name; your birthdate and a contact phone number.
  • Make a .pdf copy of your transcript and attach it to an email to the Advising Center at Do not send us a link to your transcript. In most cases we cannot open them due to password protection.
  • The transcript must clearly include your name; the college name; course numbers, names and credits; attendance dates; final grades and cumulative GPA.
  • An advisor will review your transcript and respond to you by email or phone. If you’ve met the prerequisite, the advisor will enter an override on your account so you can register.

5. Helpful details:

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