Do I have what it takes to succeed in business?

You will be your own most important employee, so an objective appraisal of your strengths and weaknesses is essential. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Am I a self-starter?
  • How well do I get along with a variety of personalities?
  • How good am I at making decisions?
  • Do I have the physical and emotional stamina to run a business?
  • How well do I plan and organize?
  • Are my attitudes and drive strong enough to maintain motivation?
  • How will the business affect my family? Can I support my family and myself
    during the early stages of the venture when cash may be short?

Few people start a business with all of the bases covered. Honestly assess your own experience and skills, then look for partners or key employees to compensate for your deficiencies. Also identify key business resources such as your local Small Business Development Center that can provide assistance, ideally early in the planning process.

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