What if I need help?

We expect you to be familiar with the hardware and software. Library staff may provide assistance with issues related to library resources but not hardware/software issues. If the laptop is not working correctly, please return it to the Library Circulation Desk and report the problem(s) so we can troubleshoot the issue(s).

Why are laptops due back 30 minutes before the Circulation Desk closes?

We request that laptops be returned 30 minutes before the Circulation Desk closes so that laptops can be checked in and secured before the library closes.

Can I use the laptop on battery power?

Yes, but check the battery level by clicking on the battery icon (bottom right of the screen) which indicates the remaining battery life. If the battery is low there is a power cord provided in the laptop bag.

Are there power outlets available in the library for using the laptop?

Yes, there are electrical outlets in the library. Do not unplug library equipment to plug in the laptop.

Can I book a laptop in advance?

Advance bookings/holds for laptops will not be accepted.

Can I print from the laptop?


What software and hardware is available on the laptop?


  • Internet Explorer
  • Windows Media Player


  • Wireless network card

What comes with the laptop?

When a laptop is borrowed, it is loaned with a bag that contains basic instructions, the laptop policy and power cord. Headphones are available upon request.

Can I access the Internet from the laptop?

The laptops are equipped with a wireless access card. The library has Internet access.

Can personal software and documents be saved on the laptop?

When the laptop is shut-down, all user installed software and files are erased. Please save your documents to a USB key or e-mail them to yourself. There is no way to recover your work once the laptop is shut down and restarted.