What is “Canvas’ status”?

Canvas status communication happens through three channels.

What is Canvas’ status?

How do I use Discussions?

Please refer to the Canvas help page.

While in myBlackHawk, why doesn’t the course link in the “Course studio activity channel” take me to Canvas?

The Course Studio area is a different area. Please use the log-in link in the Canvas channel.

When I’m in myBlackHawk, the Academics tab, My Courses channel, why doesn’t Canvas open when I click on my course?

Your instructor has the ability to switch between an called Luminis Platform to Canvas. Please contact your instructor.

Why is the email I get in myBlackHawk not appearing in Canvas?

A lot of students confuse the mybh e-mail with the actual canvas Inbox system, they work separately however you will get notified of all e-mail communication in your mybh e-mail account.

Why don’t I see my course in Canvas?

It might be that your instructor has not published the course or the class has not started. Another reason might be that you were withdrawn from the course. Please contact your instructor.

What browsers are recommended for Canvas?

Recommended browsers are Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Do NOT use Internet Explorer with Canvas. It does not always function correctly with Canvas and may interfere with your ability to complete course activities/assignments.

We have also seen browser add-ons and extensions used with recommended browsers interfere as well. If you have problems using one of the recommended browsers, you may want to try a different recommended browser or disable any add-ons or extensions that might be installed in your browser.

Why do I end up in Canvas when I log into myBlackHawk?

If you searched for myblackhawk.bhc.edu, a result may have directed you to learn.bhc.edu which is the login URL for Canvas not myBlackHawk. Be sure the URL is myblackhawk.bhc.edu.