Facebook Like-us-thon

like us thon banner

Hey! Can YOU come up with clever ways to get people to like our Facebook page? Go ahead and give it a try! All you have to do is collect likes and keep track of the names of our new “fans” on your official name sheet! Sound easy? Get as many as you can in three days, and we will see if you’ve got what it takes! The person with the most likes wins $50 for them and $50 for their charity!

To enter the contest:

  1. Go to www.facebook.com/blackhawkcollege  to like the page.
  2. To enter the contest, submit your name, phone number, and email address below:
  3. You should receive a confirmation email with a PDF attachment on April 2. Print out the attachment. This will be what you use to record the names of the people you got to like the BHC Facebook page. If you do not receive a confirmation email, email prstudent@bhc.edu and we will make sure that you get one. All likes must be documented on designated like sheet. You can print out however many sheets you need for documentation.
  4. After you receive your email, you are all ready to obtain likes from April 2 – 4.

Contest Rules:

  1. Contest runs from April 2 – 4. Any likes received before or after these dates will not be counted. We will be able to verify the likes and dates to make sure that they are within the allotted time frame.
  2. Likes can be obtained through campaigning, but all must fit within the Black Hawk College code of conduct and may not be a disruption in classroom settings. Remember, these are days when classes are in session, so please be respectful.
  3. The “Like” form is due on or before 3 p.m. on April 4. You can either email it to prstudent@bhc.edu or you can drop it off in the marketing office. Any forms submitted after 3 p.m. on that date will not be counted.

“We were able to get 47 likes in one day through campaigning. You have three days to get as many as you can, so use your marketing skills to try and beat us! This contest is a fun way to get familiar with other students at Black Hawk College and raise some money for your favorite charity. Have fun and we can’t wait to see how many likes you get!

-Taylor Freymann, marketing intern