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Julie Gelaude

Phone: 309-796-5715

Julie specializes in quality, technical and industrial skills, core professional skills, Process Picture Maps, and coordinates the welding program.

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Julie’s role is working with businesses to improve the skill of their workforce through the delivery of on-time, customized contract training. Julie seeks out partnerships that will benefit the community and the college’s district. Such partnerships include collaborating on the use of resources and coordinating programs that are high demand such as Production MIG Welding. She is an alumnus of Black Hawk College and Augustana College.

Susan Llewellyn
Training Coordinator

Phone: 309-796-5716

Susan specializes in safety/OSHA, computer skills, Process Picture Maps and core professional skills.Julie Gelaude and Susan Llewellyn, representatives from BTC, meet with clients to assess their needs, tailoring training to specifically meet those requirements.

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Susan has been with the college since 1993. She has an education degree from the University of Iowa and an MS degree from Western Illinois University. Coordinating business training gives her the opportunity to bring educational opportunities to the community’s workforce. “I find that assisting businesses in determining their training needs, putting the training together, and then learning the impact of the training, is a cycle that is very rewarding,” she says of her job.


Last updated 3/15/2011