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Career Education

Career and Technical Education
Specialized career demands have led to the creation of the Partnership for College and Career Success (PCCS) program, initiated by the Illinois Community College Board. This program is just for high school students, and its goal is to prepare students for college and careers by providing pathways to academic success and technical skills that will lead to good careers in the future.

Participating in Black Hawk College’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) dual enrollment program, as part of the statewide PCCS program, helps prepare you for entry into high-wage, high-growth careers. A combination of coursework and technical education, along with real-world work experience, gives you skills for today’s job market.

Get articulated credits in the following CTE programs:

  • Agriculture
  • Business/office
  • Child care
  • Health care
  • Manufacturing and trades

If you take courses in these CTE programs while in high school, you may be able to transfer the credits earned into the appropriate BHC career or technical program.

Work-Based Learning
Work-based learning integrates school and work by providing real work experience and hands-on educational experiences. This helps students link between what they’re learning in school and the world of work. Seeing this connection motivates students to succeed and helps them understand the range of skills needed for each career. Experiencing a real work situation helps make career decisions easier – and more realistic.

Linking employment to the classroom helps students explore career options. They gain real work experience and skills necessary to get a head start in future careers. Students begin building relationships with future employers while acquiring the skills that add up to an outstanding résumé.

Work-based opportunities:

  • Internships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Job shadowing
  • Community service
  • Mock businesses or research projects

If you are high school and would like more information on this topic, see your guidance counselor for details.