ESL Graduation – Transitioning Ceremony

We honor students who have completed the advanced class in May. On the same day as the College graduation, the ESL Transition/Graduation ceremony is held in the morning at the I-Wireless Center. The College administration, including the president and members of the board as well as college faculty and staff join together to honor the students completing the Adult-ED ESL Program and transitioning to the Academic ESL Program and those in the Academic ESL Program who are transitioning to career and transfer programs.


Each year we celebrate the success of one of our alums and present them with the Distinguished Alumni Award.

Rosi MonzonMay 2014 Distinguished Alumna: Rosi Monzon

Many of you graduates aspire to work in the health care professions. Our distinguished alumna today will inspire you to follow your chosen path, even though the road at the moment seems long and filled with obstacles.
Before coming to the United States, Rosi was a nurse in Mexico. Of course, she hoped to practice her new profession in her adopted country, but like so many of you, she was not allowed to enter the nursing field because the U.S. did not recognize her preparation.

So, with determination and courage, she began her journey in January of 2005  studying English in the ESL Program. She didn’t complain about taking English; she didn’t complain in general ; she didn’t feel desperate over the difficult personal situations that she faced in life. Instead, she dug deep inside and found strength in her God and in the wise counsel of our beloved counselor: Cristina Greene.

When you meet Rosi in a few minutes, you will find her to be a very gentle person, who would rather listen than speak. As a nurse this is one of her greatest strengths. However, while in the nursing program here at BHC, she found that she had to learn to assert herself in order to succeed in the program and on the hospital floor. Although making this change was not automatic and painful, Rosi once again dug deep and met this challenge, too. She received her RN in May of 2011.

Rosi is a wife, mother and an RN working for the Rock Island County Health Department. She is here to tell you that as you begin your journey to your career, you will need to walk it one step at a time steadfastly and courageously.

Last updated 8/28/2014