I will

I will Students, staff and faculty were encouraged by the Counseling Department to think about what good deed or charitable activity they would do in the coming year in a tribute to 9-11. Over a hundred responses were submitted.

Below is a collection of some of the responses.


{tab=Have Gratitude.}

Be supportive to my daughter wanting to join the Army.

Our family appreciates and supports the volunteer firemen in our area.

Tell them thank you!

Support fundraisers.

I would like to go to the firehouse and thank everyone there.

It is not about how they feel, but it is about how much we care about brothers and sisters who we lost.We deeply honor you.

I’m going to be a good neighbor and always honoring the troops and vets.

To keep serving our country to the best of my abilities.Send the troops Christmas cards.

Thank our veterans!

I will contemplate the sacrifices of our military men and women by visiting the RI Cemetery.

I will contemplate the sacrifices of our military men and women by visiting the RI Cemetery.

Part of the Healing Fields Corporation and honor/thank ever soldier I see.

I will say a special prayer for those who passed on.

Give thanks for still being here with all my loved one, I am truly lucky.

Say prayers for those who have been lost.

Give thanks to the people who serve our country and love the people I have.

I will plant a tree to remember those who died.

I want to attend a memorial service in honor of all the victims.

Hang my flag out.

Always believe in good such as heroes.

I wish superman would save all.I will pray for the departed souls who died in 9/11.

I plan to take all my grandkids to visit my son’s firehouse on Thanksgiving Day and give them a great big THANK YOU for being the ones that go into disasters as we are running away from them.

{tab=Care for Earth.}tree

Clean up the world.

I will ride 50 miles on my bicycle.

Pick up garbage in the park.

Recycle, volunteer, and smile.

I’m not going to litter.

Recycle, pick up five pieces of trash a day that I see, and smile.

Recycle cans.

Go green!

Start recycling.

I will not litter.

Save gas.

Protect the environment.

Turn off the lights to save energy.

Plant a tree.

Stop smoking.


Start recycling.

I’m going to recycle and car pool with my friends.

Recycle and engage others to do the same!

I want to start recycling and start help educate kids on how important it is.

Recycle moreRide the bus.

Share homegrown vegetables with my neighbors.

I will still recycle and vote.

I will help recycle bottles and paper.

Recycle more than anyone.

Plant a tree!

Help clean up our oceans.

I will clean a park.

Plant a lot of trees.

{tab=Practice Kindness and Compassion.}

Be even more compassionate and open minded.

Keep smiling and listen to others.

Laugh often.

Live day by day.

Smile and be nice to people.

Know Jesus, Know peace.

Help someone in need.

High-five everyone.

I will teach people to be more tolerant of those from other cultures.


Live more out loud about my Christianity and share the love of Christ.

Always have a smile on my face.

Smile to strangers.

I will pray for our nation.

I will smile at everyone I see and help out a stranger.

Free hugs!

Be very friendly

Make someone smile every day.

Assist with several initiatives to build relationships with people from different cultures/countries to improve understanding, tolerance and celebration of human kind in all of our diversity (Host international students and assist other host families, foreign mission projects through our church, etc.).

I’ll keep on smiling to life someone’s day.

Make a friend.

Invite someone to church.

I will get to know my neighbors!

Forgive others so that they can let it go.

I will be kinder to the people I find difficult and pray for people in need.

Be more patient of elderly.

I will heal and forgive those who have hurt me.

What I will do to make the world a better place is pray for innocent souls.

My goodwill and understanding of different cultures makes me diverse in dealing with worldly situations.

Be respectful of everyone, volunteer with the kids and elderly.

I will be more caring and pay more attention to people who serve our country.

Keep living.

I will go to pray at the local church for a better place for all mankind.

I will take a moment each day to appreciate life and strive to make someone else’s day a little better.

Love one another.

Try to make everybody turn their frowns upside down.

I will pray more often for everyone.

Pay it forward with kindness.

Karma!Treat others like I would like to be treated!

I will pay for the persons behind me for their Starbucks.

I will continue to serve on the board of The Christ Child Society of the Quad Cities, an all volunteer, non-profit organization that collaborates with community agencies including the Women’s Choice Center, Trinity Hospital and the Child Abuse Council to provide infant clothing and supplies to some of the neediest members of our community.

Compliment one person each day, maybe more!

{tab=Give support.}

Animal care …supplies.

Donate and walk in St. Jude’s Children’s Walk on Sept. 25.

Donate to charity.

Send a gift box to troops.

Feed the hungry.

Attempt to donate more time to children for a better future for them.

Become a billionaire and feed all the homeless.

Make lots of money and donate to World Wide Charities.

Help the hungry.

Make more care packages!

Donate to the Red Cross or attend a memorial service.

I will volunteer at the animal shelter and help raise money for them.

When I become famous, donate my money.

Put together a food and clothing drive.

Help by donating clothes to the poor.

Donate money to a children’s hospital

Donate more care packages to the troops.

Keep giving blood and food to the pantry.

I am going to donate old clothes to homeless shelters!

Help with care packages.



{tab=Care for Others.}

Continue to help and tutor others.

I will improve helping others when I have the spare time.

Continue being a part of Healing Field of QC and Patriot Guard Riders.

Help people in need.

I will volunteer more often at animal shelter, nursing homes, etc.


I will be taking a 1st. responder class to help out our local volunteer ambulance service.

Help others and to volunteer somewhere.Help others when they need it.

Volunteer around my community.

I’m going to help save lives when I grow up.

Volunteer for the victims and survivors family.

I will volunteer at crisis centers more often.

Become a nurse to help out society, the young and the old.

Be a good police officer.

I will volunteer at shelters and other events that support the well being of young and old.

I will be taking a First Responder class so that I can assist /volunteer with the Erie Ambulance Service and help those in need.

Be more involved in my community and volunteer to help other countries through food and monetary donations.

I will help others in any way I can!Volunteer more to help those in need.

Help more people out in my community and love more.

I will volunteer at a shelter for homeless people to make the world a better place.

Volunteer more.

I will be more involved in my community.Volunteer more help.

I am going to volunteer more around my city.

Help others that are in need.Save abused animals.

Increase my volunteer involvement.Help people who can’t help their selves!

Volunteer more.

Help others.

I will get involved with the American Red Cross since I’m not eligible to donate blood.

Go into social work and continue my education to help others.

I want to be a volunteer.Volunteer and commit no sins.

If I could I would donate a lot of my time to help the people who really needed it.

My spouse and I are becoming foster parents.  To help some local children that need a home and safety.  We also want to mentor foster children’s birth parents when possible.  We just want to help give a second chance to  someone that made a mistake but wants to turn things around.

I will help the ones who need help.


{tab=Inspire Youth.}

Be a leader in a children’s group and mentor them.


Encourage students on a daily basis.

Create! Create! Create!

Help my classmates.

Help teach computer literacy.

I would build a youth center to enlighten my peers on education and the ways of life.

It would be free and the youth would hold volunteer service.

Raise a courteous child.

I will write and share my thoughts on the events that happened.

Teach children the importance of self pride.

Discover new things I haven’t done or wanted to know before.

Make students feel comfortable.

Graduate college!

Be successful Be a Boy Scout leader.

Sponsor a child through Compassion International.

I want to start volunteering in my community through tutoring kids at CF.

Teach art and karate.

In honor of the children, I want to volunteer in the big brothers, big sisters program.

I want to volunteer with children.

I’m going to tutor approximately 500 students in math.

Volunteer for Boys and Girls Clubs.

Make music all the time.


Vote, volunteer, adopt a family.

I am voting next election because I’ll finally be 18!

Encourage people to vote.

Get involved in politics in my area.

Stop the wars overseas and keep my husband and brother from being sent away.

I will be more diligent and watchful of unusual behavior.

Vote for the first time.

I will also fly my flag everyday at home and at work.

I will stay in the Army.

Get a law degree and fight political.Vote.

God Bless America!

I would suggest American government take caution and save America from another 9/11.

I will help the world by talking to person to have peace!

Make love, not war!