BHC celebrates 47 years of providing Adult Ed classes

adult educationBlack Hawk College is celebrating National Adult Education & Family Literacy Week Sept. 26-30.

Each year, approximately 1,400 students enroll in GED completion and non-credit English Language Learning (ELL) classes at Black Hawk College.

Approximately 30 million Americans age 25 and older have not earned a high school diploma or equivalent, and 93 million function below the high school level.

Adult Education programs serve individuals age 16 and older who need to improve their basic skills with an emphasis on literacy, mathematics and English language proficiency.

Black Hawk College provides Adult Education classes at no cost to students who qualify.

Instructors work with each student to design an individual learning plan that aligns to his/her goals, such as to:

  • Get, retain or advance in a job.
  • Get off public assistance and earn a family-sustaining income.
  • Complete high school or obtain a GED certificate.
  • Transfer to a community college or training program.
  • Help their children succeed in school.
  • Manage their family’s health care.
  • Learn English, understand U.S. culture and be an informed citizen.

Black Hawk College began serving adult learners on July 1, 1969. Today, the Black Hawk College Adult Education program provides instruction in Adult Basic Education (ABE), Adult Secondary Education (ASE), high school credit and English Language Learning (ELL).

For more information, call 309-796-8216.