Poison Prevention Week is March 20-26

Monthly safety tip from your Black Hawk College Safety Committee

National Poison Prevention Week was established by Congress on Sept. 16, 1961. In honor of National Poison Prevention Week, March 20-26, here are some general tips to keep your household safe.

  • Inspect your home for medications and household products (detergents, cleaning products, pesticides and fertilizers) that might not be stored properly.
  • Install safety latches on cabinets used for medicines and household products.
  • Re-close medicines and household products when not in use.
  • Buy products in child-resistant packaging.
  • Know the number for Poison Control 800-222-1222.
  • Never call medicine “candy” to get a child to take it.
  • Read labels when giving medicine, and never give more than the prescribed amount.
  • Never “borrow” a friend’s medicine or take old medications.
  • If you don’t understand instructions on the medicine label talk to your pharmacist of doctor before using.
  • Never use empty detergent containers to store anything else.
  • Remove children, pets, and toys before applying pesticides.
  • Use tamper-resistant bait stations for mice/rat control.
  • Turn on fans and open windows when using household cleaners and chemicals.
  • Keep batteries out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home near sleeping areas.
  • Know the name of household plants and remove any poisonous plants from the house and yard.

Reference: www.poisonprevention.org

Disclaimer: These tips have been provided as general information for increasing safety awareness and for informational purposes only. Black Hawk College does not accept any liability for the information or advice (or the use of such information or advice) that is provided. We make every effort to insure the integrity and validity of the data provided. Always, check with your care provider before making any changes.