Don’t let your technology catch you off guard

Monthly Safety Tip from your Black Hawk College Safety Committee

Are you aware of your surroundings while using your electronics?’s featured author, Elizabeth Hoyt, published the Top 10 Safety Tips for College Students. The number one top safety tip is “Don’t allow technology to make you unaware of your surroundings.”

Everyone with headphones, a smartphone and an MP3 player knows – the minute you’re plugged in, you become less aware of what’s happening around you.  You stare at your phone and “zone out.” Essentially, you forget to notice what is going on around you. This, in essence, is exactly what you should avoid.

When you start to find you’re “zoning out,” consider turning your music down and putting your phone away so you can see what’s happening around you. The key to getting out of a potentially dangerous situation is to recognize it as such. It is almost impossible to do if you aren’t even aware of the situations you’re walking into.

Don’t let your technology catch you off guard. Always be aware of your surroundings at all times! To read about the other Top 10 Safety Tips for College Students, click on the reference link below.

Disclaimer: These tips have been provided as general information for increasing safety awareness and for informational purposes only. Black Hawk College does not accept any liability for the information or advice (or the use of such information or advice) that is provided. We make every effort to insure the integrity and validity of the data provided.  Always, check with your care provider before making any changes.