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BHC East Foundation honors 2013-14 scholarship recipients, benefactors


The Black Hawk College East Foundation honored both those who gave and those who received at its annual scholarship banquet Oct. 29, 2013 at Lavender Crest Winery in Colona, Ill.

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Welcoming benefactors, scholarship recipients and their guests, faculty and staff were Steve Spivey, chair of the Black Hawk College East Foundation Board of Directors; Dr. Thomas Baynum, Black Hawk College president; and Chanda Dowell, vice president for East Campus.

“Black Hawk College is committed to student success,” Baynum said.

“However, we know that student success starts with access. Without the financial resources that make higher education accessible, the tremendous talents of our students could go unfulfilled,” he said.

“The East College Foundation Scholarship Banquet is a great opportunity to celebrate the investment that our donors and our college community make in our students. It is an honor to be a part of that celebration,” Baynum added.

Dowell mentioned that the East Campus recently hosted two peer reviewers from the Higher Learning Commission, the college’s accrediting agency.

“After spending a day with our students, faculty and staff, the evaluators had several compliments to share about our campus culture and what we do for students. The benefactors we thank tonight believe in Black Hawk College’s promise and ability to transform lives and build communities. The students you will meet tonight are evidence that we can deliver on that promise,” Dowell said.

“One question the peer reviewers asked in the final session of the day at the East Campus was simply, ‘How do you celebrate success?’” she added.

“Our answer — We celebrate our students’ accomplishments; because having our students succeed is how we succeed. Tonight is one such celebration. On behalf of the faculty and staff, thank you for joining this celebration,” Dowell said.

Chuck Deahl, a member of the foundation’s board, introduced scholarship benefactors and representatives in attendance.

Beth Dolieslager, benefactor and guest speaker for the William and Elizabeth Dolieslager Scholarship, talked about the educational challenges she grew up with because of her impaired vision. Living away from home while young to attend a school for those with vision impairments was just the first. However, she overcame obstacles, graduated and came back home to live and attend Black Hawk College East Campus the first year it opened. She recounted fond memories of classes held at the Kewanee National Guard Armory and the friendships of the instructors.

Even though it took her three years to earn her degree, she never gave up. She told of an instructor driving her to Bloomington/Normal to visit Illinois State University where she transferred after BHC. Through the struggles, Beth knew she wanted to be an educator, teaching reading skills to young students. After graduating from ISU, she returned to her hometown of Kewanee to teach elementary education in the Kewanee School District.

In acknowledging the benefactors, foundation executive director Liz Breedlove said that it was her pleasure to report that the Black Hawk College East Foundation was able to award scholarships totaling $76,195 to 64 students this year.

“With  more than 1,100 students attending the East Campus this year, it is the goal of the Foundation to continue to increase scholarship support in the future so that more students are served.”

Because of the generosity of benefactors, the Black Hawk College East Foundation maintains 84 scholarship funds with assets of more than $1.6 million. The majority of the scholarships are endowed, where the principal is invested and only the interest earnings are utilized for scholarships.

“We sincerely appreciate our benefactors’ part in helping students reach their dreams by making education affordable at BHC East Campus,” Breedlove said.

On behalf of the Black Hawk College East Foundation, she congratulated and introduced scholarship recipients from around the U.S. The students shared their reasons for selecting Black Hawk College and detailed how the scholarship monies are assisting them in pursuing their career goals. Without exception, all stressed how grateful they were for the financial support.

The mission of the Black Hawk College East Foundation is to serve as the primary support partner of the East Campus of Black Hawk College by providing for and conducting activities that facilitate the growth and development of the East Campus.

Scholarship Recipients

McCala Miller • Holmquist Scholarship

Sully Frick • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Auburn, IN
Tracey Clifford • Agriculture Fund Scholarship, Ron & Theresa Brown Memorial Scholarship

Beach Park
Kaitlyn Stabenow • Dave Lapan Memorial Scholarship

Ashley Mann • Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Jake Bloomberg • Elmer Hoge Memorial Scholarship, Mid-Continent Fund Scholarship

Kassandra King • Dale & Helen Swanson Scholarship

Hanna Swanson • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Camp Grove
Eden Endress • Dave Lapan Memorial Scholarship
Taylor Endress • Amelia Wallen Pageant Scholarship-Stark County

Columbia City, IN
Colton Geiger • Black Hawk East Foundation Scholarship, Dale & Helen Swanson Scholarship
Tyler Johnson • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Marissa Rademaker • Erickson Family Endowed Scholarship, Mehaffey Memorial Scholarship

Nena Fruendt • David Bradbury Scholarship

Matthew Bersell • Debbie Kitterman Memorial Scholarship
Capricia McKitrick • Brick Lundberg Memorial Scholarship
Devon Peterson • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship
Megan Rose • Black Hawk East Alumni Scholarship, Harriet McCarthy Scholarship
Beverly Scott • John Haines Jr. Memorial Scholarship, Debbie Kitterman Memorial Scholarship

Danielle Neisendorf • Holmquist Scholarship

Kaci Storm • Amelia Wallen Pageant Scholarship-Henry County

Glenwood, IA
Anne Riggs • Dean L. Bates Scholarship

Glenwood, IN
Joe Fey • Holmquist Scholarship

Good Hope
Ashley Carter • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Howards Grove, WI
Carmen Conrad • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Sophia Darron • Peterson Health Care (CNA) Scholarship
Michael Doddroe • Eleanor Washburn Fund Scholarship
Kari Hageman • Dean L. Bates Scholarship
Sarah Hughes • Piper Scholarship
Jessica Manthe • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship
Hannah Pack • Harriet McCarthy Scholarship
Eusebia Quintero • Jeff Owens Memorial Scholarship, Peoples National Bank, Otto Schwefel Scholarship
Marimer Rodriguez • Theodore & Penny Vlahos Scholarship
Kasandra Schaeffer • 25 for 25 Scholarship
Breanna Spring • Barbara J. Curran Golby (CNA) Scholarship
Teri Warner • William & Elizabeth Dolieslager Scholarship
Jasmine Wilson • Kewanee Area Business Women’s Scholarship
William Young • Butch Downs Memorial Auto Mechanics Scholarship
Tiffany Zapisek • Smith Scholarship
Sydney Zetterberg • Robert H. and Bernice Eastman Memorial Scholarship
Vasco Zwetkow • Peterson Health Care (CNA) Scholarship

Lansing, MI
Deven King • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Chris Eble • Galva Tri-County Pullers Scholarship

Monroe, WI
Kade Allen • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Montello, WI
Summer Opinker • Cargill Scholarship

Cassidy Balensiefen • Eleanor Washburn Fund Scholarship
Gus Block • Kewanee Rotary Club Scholarship
Victoria Clark • Peterson-Martin Engineering Foundation Scholarship, Dean W. Stoner Scholarship

Nevada, MO
Dylan Murray • Burns Grange #1839 Agriculture Scholarship, Colwell Scholarship

Nick Kraynak • Galva Tri-County Pullers Scholarship

Portales, NM
Jasi Roberts • Dave Lapan Memorial Scholarship

Hannah Morrissey • Nancy & Wayne Hier Scholarship

Rock Falls
Alexandra Johannsen • Rob Landis Memorial Scholarship
Christopher Johannsen • Rob Landis Memorial Scholarship

Rosedale, IN
Cory Edge • Livestock Judging Scholarship, Cory Lowderman Memorial Scholarship

St. Charles, MO
Terel Tipton • Dave Lapan Memorial Scholarship

Riley Ryburn • Dean L. Bates Scholarship

Tyler Petersen • William & Elizabeth Dolieslager Scholarship

Shirley, IN
Breanna Lawyer • Rosemary Ward Fund Scholarship

Springbrook, IA
Kendall Steines • Dean L. Bates Scholarship

Rachel Riddle • Verlin & Joan Jackson Equine Scholarship (Horse Judging Team)

Stanwood, IA
Kade Knapp • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Elizabeth Heaton • Dean L. Bates Scholarship, Livestock Judging Scholarship

Villisca, IA
Rachel Schut • Colwell Scholarship

Warren, IN
Jason Knight • Galva Tri-County Pullers Scholarship

Washington Court House, OH
Trevor Kirkpatrick • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Waunakee, WI
Allison Schleis • Cargill Scholarship , Susan Shipp Memorial Scholarship

Wichita, KS
Liberty Schmied • Holmquist Scholarship

Codi Reed • Verlin & Joan Jackson Equine Scholarship (Horse Show Team)

Woodstock, OH
Hank LeVan • Livestock Judging Scholarship