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I cannot be replaced

September 10th is National Suicide Awareness Prevention Day.
Black Hawk College’s Counseling Department asked BHC student’s why they can’t be replaced. These were their answers:

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I cannot be replaced because:

I’m amazing
Because I am a team player
I have people that count on me
Because I am destined for greatness
I’m unique
Because I enjoy helping others
I’m a great father
My daughter needs me
Many people care about me
I like to take time to help others in need
I am a strong man
Because I am me
I wasn’t aborted
Because I’m a dinosaur… RAWR!!!!
I am needed by others who would not have the help they need or deserve without me
Because I’m the one and only
Because I’m not going anywhere
I’m the best mommy I know
My children are my reason to any season
I am original. No one is like me in the world!
Because my children need me
Because I’m a virgin
I’m a father
I am a good listener
I am a mother of three small children
Because there is only one me
Jordy Tremeur (?? This was just a name—no reason)
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” –Oscar Wilde
Because I am the only me I have, why throw my life away for it?
I have a great family who loves me
My sister needs me
There isn’t anyone like me
I am me
I give the best hugs
I am the one and only me
I’m the only unique person. No one else is alike
I am unique
I have so many stories left to hear and tell
I am one of a kind
Because I am the only me
I’m a father of three
My family loves me
I’m a big sister
Because I am awesome!
I have too many hugs and jokes to share
I’m the only me
My mind is a precious gift from God!
I am one of a unique kind! – Layah Ross
I am essential to my lacrosse team!
There’s only one me!
Because nobody else can be exactly like me
Funny and awesome
I’m unique
I’m awesome
I am compassionate and empathetic
Because I make people smile
I am the Cannon Man –Bryson
I’m a mommy and I am my own person with a great story to tell
I am loved by all my friends
I love my family and they would be sad if I was gone!
Because I am a mother of 10- a grandmother of 26- and to make a better life for myself
There is only one Alexia the Boss Ross
I’m Based
I’m going to make a big difference to someone, someday with music
Because I’m original! There is only one of me
I will make a difference in people’s lives once I obtain my Ph.D. in psychiatry
The best letter writer!
I know things that other people just wish they knew
Because there is no one else like me
I know how to do math (and others need my help)
I’m Batman
I work hard at accomplishing my goals
Because I’m Lexus! (??)
Because human cloning is unethical
I am that mf’in DUDE
Because I’m RiRi Harris
Took me 65 years to get here. 65 years of experience
I have people to prove wrong
I am unique in every way. I am beautiful and to truly believe you are too!
Because I am who I am. There’s nobody with my personality. I am original
I’m a great mother to my kids
Because no is a better mama to my two dogs
I am the one and only David Cannon II
Because I’m the spirit that’s always free!
I’m weird and everyone needs some weird in their life
Because God wanted me to be the one only me
Because I’m cool
There’s so many things I still want to do
I’m the only Zilla!
I help take care of my mom
I am loved by many
I’m CRAZY!!!!
I am not a stupid person
I am one of the most caring people I know.
I have a personality that no one else has a similarity to.
I’m in this world for a reason!
Because my 90 year old dad needs me
I’m the greatest person I know
I’m a sister
I’m a mom of two boys and a trauma nurse
How could I enjoy the little things?
Because my family needs me
I am here to help others
My boyfriend and family
I want a bag of popcorn
My skillful talent of an artist
I am one of a kind
My family needs me
Because I am a good listener
I’m just too cool for school
I’m open minded to anything
Amazing and awesome
Well loved
Because I’m good at basketball
Because people need help
A great person
Because I am a special person to my mom
Because I make a difference
I am alive because of my kids
I have my whole life ahead of me
I am a proud mommy of two beautiful children Alex(3) and Jada (13)
You bring a unique gift to the world
Because blondes are amazing, duh!
I am a one of a kind person
Because my family loves me and I need them
I represent my college and community
I believe that I’m more confident on who I am. Also that I don’t care if people like me or not
I’m amazing
I am awesome and want to have a family
Because I’m awesome
There is only one me
Because there will never be another me
I’m a good artist
I’m one of a kind, can’t replace me, no one like me
Because I’m a phenomenal woman
I’m unique
I’m a mommy
I’m special
There is no one else in the world like me. I am unique. My unique perspective, personality, and conscious may be what makes a difference in a life or in the world.
I am important to my family and to the society
Our cat would miss us
Because I’m super amazing
There is no one who can be nice more than me
I represent the student body
Because I’m a father and a stoner
I have killer long-boarding skills, I’m really cool, and I like food.
I am the light and sound of God
My daughter (kids)
To many things I need to do! (That only I will be able)
I’m a daughter
God created me with a purpose in mind!
My friends and family love me and want me in their lives
I’m very unique
Because I’m one of a kind
I’m a good friend
I have a kind heart
I’m special and unique
Look out for others
Because I’m Tyrone
Because no one else is me and I am a child of the one true king!
Pie- the best pie maker
I have friends who care about me
I’m peoples emotional support and uniquely awesome
I have to take care of my cat