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Dance & Fitness

Beginning Ballroom Dancing
Instructor: J. Hall

Learn (or review) the basics in traditional smooth dances – Foxtrot and Waltz as well as Swing and Rumba. You’ve seen the dances on TV – now it’s your turn! Be prepared to step out onto the dance floor at weddings, parties and other social events. Instruction includes lead/follow, music identification and styling. Intermediate dancers are welcome. Bring soft-soled shoes to preserve our dance floor. (Registration information is needed for both parties).

6 Tuesdays                              Jan. 27-Mar. 3                 7-8:30 p.m.
CRN 11757                             Bldg. 3-Lower Gym          Couple Fee/$52


Social Dancing
Instructor: D. Elgatian

Easy and fun to do! Prepare for upcoming “weddings, vacations and night clubs!” Basics in five dances from “dips and turns” to “shake your body,” Slow Dance, Merengue, Swing, West Coast Swing, and Salsa. Please wear soft-soled shoes to preserve the dance floor. Previous experience not necessary. (Registration information is needed for both parties).

6 Mondays                               Jan. 26-Mar. 9                 7-8:30 p.m.
CRN 11758                             Bldg. 3-Lower Gym          Couple Fee/$52

(No class Feb. 16)


Social / Ballroom Dance Level 2
Instructor: J. Hall

Advanced beginners – Brush up your skills for weddings and vacations. Add variety and versatility to your dancing with more steps in the smooth dances such as foxtrot and waltz, as well as rhythm dances including swing, cha cha and more, plus nightclub slow dance. Emphasis will be on style development in each dance. As the class progresses, student requests will be considered. Instruction includes tips on music identification, footwork, timing, style, lead/follow and more time to practice. (Registration information is needed for both parties).

6 Tuesdays                              Mar. 31 May 5                  7-8:30 p.m.
CRN 11759                             Bldg. 3-Lower Gym          Couple Fee/$52


Instructor: L. Miotto

Bring your body and mind together into one harmonious experience. Improve your breathing capacity and increase your flexibility and strength through a focus on traditional yoga poses, breath work, balance and relaxation. All levels are welcome. Bring a yoga mat or a large towel and dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

6 Tuesdays                              Jan. 27-Mar. 3                6:15-7:15 p.m.
CRN 11760                             Outreach Rm. 407            Fee $42


Therapeutic Yoga (Lifelong Learner class)
Instructor: J. Welzenbach-Hilliard

Yoga is a valuable way to promote wellness for emotional and mental health. Learn how to use specific yoga postures, sequences and breath awareness to help with chronic pain or limited physical mobility brought on by injury and/or chronic illness. Designed for the beginner. Bring a yoga mat or a large towel and dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

6 Thursdays                            Apr. 2-May 7                    1-2 p.m.
CRN 11761                             Outreach-Rm. 407           Fee $42


Belly Dancing
Instructor: B. Lancial

For centuries, this dance has been used to maintain good health for the mind, body and spirit. You will be introduced to the basic principles of belly dance, as well as some more advanced movements, giving the knowledge to create your own routines whether for performance or a fun workout at home. This class is welcoming to all shapes and sizes. Wear comfortable clothing that allows ease of movement.

6 Wednesdays                        Feb. 4-Mar. 11                 7-8 p.m.
CRN 11762                             Bldg. 3-Lower Gym          Fee $36


Zumba Burst
Instructor: T. Gomez

Take your Zumba workout to the next level with Zumba Burst, a high-intensity interval training method offering massive calorie-burn packed into a short workout. Increase your results through calorie-burning cardio bursts incorporated right into the workouts you already love.

6 Thursdays                            Mar. 19-Apr. 23                7-8 p.m.
CRN 11764                             Bldg. 3-Lower Gym          Fee $36


Hoop Fit
Instructor: J. Plumb, Quad City Hoop Dance

Ready for an exciting high-energy but low-impact workout? Have fun getting fit with a new class designed to give you the tools to bring your fitness to a whole new level! Hoopers ages 14 and older of all fitness and ability levels will learn how to use professional adult fitness hoops to get a total body workout. You’ll learn hoop dance moves and variations to keep your blood pumping and your body moving no matter what your fitness level. Hoop Fit combines cutting-edge fitness concepts with the hula hoop’s undeniable playfulness to provide you with workouts that are easy, fun and effective. No prior hula hooping experience is necessary. Beginners are welcome. A $15 materials fee (for hoop) is due to instructor the first night of class.

6 Wednesdays                        Mar. 25-Apr. 29                6-7 p.m.
CRN 11765                             Bldg. 3-Lower Gym          Fee $42

Enter the Northwest door to Bldg. 3. Take an immediate left down the stairs to the bottom floor. At the bottom floor turn left and enter through the 2nd set of doors on the right. The lower gym is located in the middle of the track (second door on the right–next to the weight room.)


Unraveling the Mystery of Weight Loss
Instructor: Dr. P. Newhouse

Are you tired of the diet yo-yo? Can’t understand why you can’t lose weight? Learn what hormone is keeping you from burning fat and how one simple nutritional change can help you shed pounds fast. This revolutionary nutritional program will help you decrease body fat, reduce cravings and have more energy than ever before.

1 Tuesday                                Jan. 27                           7-8:30 p.m.
CRN 11549                             Outreach-Rm. 406           Fee $29

1 Tuesday                                Mar. 3                             7-8:30 p.m.
CRN 11550                             Outreach-Rm. 406           Fee $29


Unlocking the Secrets of Nutrition
Instructor: Dr. P. Newhouse

Confused about what is nutritious and healthy? Are you suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, chronic pain, digestive problems or any other chronic physical condition? Let us help you take the guess work out of shopping, cooking and eating. Learn the essentials of nutrition to find “The New You.”

1 Tuesday                                Feb. 3                              7-8:30 p.m.
CRN 11551                             Outreach-Rm. 406           Fee $29

1 Tuesday                                Mar. 10                            7-8:30 p.m.
CRN 11552                             Outreach-Rm. 406           Fee $29