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A+ Prep Certificate

Last updated 4/1/2014

Certificate Code: 5728

Program Contacts:
QC Campus

Jamie Hill, 309-796-5284,
Don Mosier, 309-796-5278,

The A+ Prep Certificate prepares the student for the CompTIA A+ Essentials and CompTIA A+ Practical certification exams. These two exams comprise the CompTIA A+ Certified Technician certification. This vendor-neutral certification demonstrates competencies in the areas of installation, preventative maintenance, networking security and troubleshooting. It demonstrates foundation-level knowledge and skills necessary for a career in PC support. Employment opportunities with this certificate include enterprise technician, field service technician and PC technician.

A+ Prep Certificate
Certificate Code: 5728
Course of Study Outline – Suggested Courses (Credit Hours)

First Semester
COER 116 — Microcomputer Hardware (3)
COER 112 — Microcomputer Operating System (3)
COER 216 — Advanced PC Hardware/A+ Prep (3)
NETW 120 Basic Computer Networks (3)

Minimum total hours required for certificate (12)

Courses for this program include: »

COER 112 Microcomputer Operating Systems
3 cr. hrs.;
2 lecture hours; 2 lab hours per week.
This is a course on Microcomputer Operating Systems.  The two operating systems of focus are Windows and Linux. Each will be explored independently in a comparative fashion with a primary focus on the usage of the command-line interfaces.

COER 116 Microcomputer Hardware
3 cr. hrs.;
2 lecture hours; 2 lab hours per week.
This course is an introduction to microcomputer hardware components, from a technician’s perspective. Content includes motherboard, CPU, memory, storage devices, and I/O devices, etc. Emphasis is on installation and repair, as well as hardware/software interaction. Not an A+ Certification prep course, but provides a foundation for future pursuit of this credential.

COER 216  Advanced PC Hardware/A+ Preparation
3 cr. hrs.;
2 lecture hours; 2 lab hours per week.
Prerequisites: COER 116 and COER 112 and NETW 120 or instructor consent.

An advanced capstone course in microcomputer hardware installation, troubleshooting and repair, with an emphasis on preparing the student to take the CompTIA A+ Certified Technician certification exams. Students will take the CompTIA exams as a requirement for course completion.

NETW 120 Basic Computer Networks
3 cr. hrs.;
2 lecture hours; 2 lab hours per week.
An introductory course in networking for the technical student. Includes basic network hardware, software, troubleshooting, and maintenance.