Youth Classes

Youth Classes
For marketing purposes, Black Hawk College will be taking pictures of the students in the summer youth classes. If you would prefer that your child’s picture not be used in any publicity for the PaCE Department or for Black Hawk College, please notify us at .

Game Programming
Instructor: T. Clayton
(Ages 13 – 17) Create your own games and play against your computer. You will use GameMaker to create graphic-oriented computer games. Learn the objects needed to create games, such as sprites, behaviors, sound, and collision detection. Concepts will be covered and introduced in an easy format as the class moves quickly.
2 Mon./2 Wed.       June 8 – June 17             9:00 a.m. – Noon
CRN 50344             Bldg. 1 – Rm. 101G        Fee $75

Clay on the Potter’s Wheel
Instructor: D. McMullen
(Ages 8 – 14) Have fun learning basic wheel-throwing techniques. Work on the potter’s wheel and create projects using low-fire clay and stoneware clay. Projects will be finished with acrylic paints and a glaze. A $20 materials fee is payable to the instructor at the first session.
6 Thursdays          June 18 – July 23          5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
CRN 50345           Bldg 3 – Rm. 102          Fee $85

Reader’s Theater
Instructor: A. O’Leary
(Ages 8 – 10) Do you like to perform? Do you want to develop your reading skills? Reader’s Theater is a style of theater in which the actors do not memorize their lines. Actors use only their reading skills to help the audience understand the story rather than visual storytelling with the use of sets and costumes. Students will perform the plays on the last day of class.
Monday – Friday         July 13 – July 17             8:00 – 10:00 a.m.
CRN 50346                Outreach – Rm. 406     Fee $45

Spanish for Kids
Instructor: Z. Laufenberg
(Ages 7 – 10) Hola! Experience the culture, history, food and dance of Latin American countries. Have fun learning the alphabet, numbers, everyday words and conversational phrases from a native speaker.
1 Tuesday        June 23                          10:00 a.m. – Noon
CRN 50347     Outreach – Rm. 204       Fee $22

The Grand Connection
This program is designed for grandparents and their grandchild. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend time together.

Cats and Dogs
Instructor: A. O’Leary
(Ages 5 – 7) Everyone’s favorite pets are in the spotlight. Learn about them through books and music. With drawing and collage making, we will create artwork of cats and dogs for both of you to enjoy.
1 Wednesday       July 15        10:00 a.m. – Noon
CRN 50348         Outreach – Rm. 406
Fee $15 for grandparent and grandchild

Games Galore
Instructor: A. O’Leary
(Ages 5 – 7) Develop teamwork skills together as you and your grandchild move through various stations playing board games, working on jigsaw puzzles, and playing word games on the whiteboard.
1 Tuesday            July 21           10:00 a.m. – Noon
CRN 50349        Outreach – Rm. 406
Fee $15 for grandparent and grandchild

Games Galore on iPads/Tablets
Instructor: A. O’Leary
(Ages 6 – 9) In a world where there is an
unbelievable number of apps available, this class will introduce you to apps that are fun and educational. Discover where your grandchild’s strengths are and learn how to enhance those. For those grandparents who are not technology savvy, you and your grandchild will learn together. Bring your iPad or tablet to class. Make sure your iPad/tablet is charged and activated. For iPad users, you also should have created your Apple ID.
1 Tuesday         July 28             10:00 a.m. – Noon
CRN 50350      Outreach – Rm. 406
Fee $15 for grandparent and grandchild

Reading Tips for Parents/Grandparents
Instructor: A. O’Leary
Is your child or grandchild struggling with reading? Does he or she dislike picking up a book? This class is for parents or grandparents who are looking for the tools to help change a child’s attitude about reading. Learn how to use rhyming and phonic games to help your child/grandchild. We recommend the child does not attend this class.
1 Monday        July 13                          5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
CRN 50362    Outreach – Rm. 406      Fee $18

1 Wednesday   July 29                         5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
CRN 50363     Outreach – Rm. 406     Fee $18