Apprenticeship Pipe Trades (APT) Certificate

Last updated 6/9/2015

Certificate Code 6077

Program Contacts:
QC Campus

First Stop Center, 309-796-5100
LU 25 Apprenticeship Training Coordinator
Matt Lienan, 309-788-4159,

The Apprenticeship Pipe Trades (APT) Program is designed for those who have been accepted into the Pipe Trades Training Program, Local 25 Program School. This is a five-year program that includes 8500 hours of Pipe Trades apprenticeship training. Students seeking admission must meet the admissions requirements of the Bureau of Program Training, U.S. Department of Labor, the Joint Apprenticeship Committee of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois LU 25 JAC, and Black Hawk College. For further information concerning program training, contact the Apprenticeship Training Coordinator, Matt Lienan or the First Stop Center at Black Hawk College.

The Apprenticeship Pipe Trades certificate includes the same objectives as those for the Apprenticeship Pipe Trades Associate in Applied Science degree program; however the certificate program does not include general education courses. An apprentice may earn a certificate after completing the following training courses offered through the LUJAC.

Apprenticeship Pipe Trades (APT) Certificate
Certificate Code 6077
Course of Study Outline – Suggested Courses (Credit Hours)

First Year – First Semester
PT 111 — Heritage I (1)
PT 112 — Basic Pipe Trade Concepts (2)
PT 113 — Industrial Safety (1)
PT 114 — Math I (2)

Second Semester
PT 116 — Occupational Field Training (1)
Trade-specific Course I (3)

Second Year – First Semester
PT 121 — Pipe Trades Technology II (3)
PT 122 — Scientific Principles (1)
PT 123 — Human Relations (1)

Second Semester
PT 125 — Math II (2)
PT 126 — Occupational Field Training (1)
Trade-specific Course I (2)

Third Year – First Semester
PT 231 — Pipe Trades Technology III (3)
PT 233 — Math III (2)
PT 113 — Industrial Safety (1)

Second Semester
PT 236 — Occupational Field Training (1)
Trade-specific Course I (3)

Fourth Year – First Semester
PT 240 — Pipe Trades Technology IV (3)
PT 241 — Medical Gas Installation (1)

Second Semester
PT 246 — Occupational Field Training (1)
Trade-specific Course (2)
Trade-specific Course (3)

Fifth Year – First Semester
PT 250 — Pipe Trades Technology V (2)
PT 113 — Industrial Safety (1)

Second Semester
PT 251 — Certification Seminar (3)
PT 256 — Occupational Field Training (1)
Trade-specific Course I (3)

Minimum total hours required for degree (50)

Gainful Employment

Gainful employment is one important measure that students and parents should pay attention to as they examine colleges and programs. All non-degree programs must be designed to lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation in order to be deemed eligible for federal student aid. These programs are generally less than 2 years in length and result in a certificate.

Apprenticeship Pipe Trades (APT) Certificate