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Pharmacy Technician

Last update 4/15/2014

Pharmacy Technician
Instructor: J. Jefferson
Prerequisites: Age 18 and GED or high school diploma. Excellent communication skills and above average math skills are recommended.

Set yourself on the path as a pharmacy technician at a hospital, retail, home infusion, or mail-order pharmacy.

Topics will include:

  • Classifications of drugs (brand name and generic)
  • Medical terminology related to pharmacy
  • Medication compounding and proper handling procedures
  • Intravenous and chemotherapy drugs
  • Basic pharmacy math and medication dosage conversions
  • Prescription requirements and interpretation
  • Inventory control, billing procedures, legal and moral obligations of personnel
  • I.V. drip rates and medication dispensing

Required textbook must be purchased at the BHC Bookstore (The Hawk’s Hub) prior to first class. Please bring a calculator to the first night of class.

15 Wednesdays       May 21-Aug. 27      5:30-9:30 p.m.
CRN 50367             STB-Rm. 110          Tuition Fee $645

Pharmacy Technician Certification Preparation
Instructor: J. Jefferson
Prerequisite: Age 18 and GED or high school diploma and successful completion of the BHC Pharmacy Technician or practicing pharmacy technicians.

Prepare for the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam with this fast paced, advanced course. Learn basic pharmacology, advanced pharmaceutical calculations and medical terminology. Studies focus on the exam’s three aspects of competency:

  • Assisting the Pharmacist in serving patients
  • Maintaining medication and inventory control systems
  • Administering and managing a pharmacy

This course does not replace the national exam.

In class you will receive information on certification, testing requirements and testing sites.

Required textbooks must be purchased at the BHC Bookstore prior to first class. Please bring a calculator to the first night of class.

15 Tuesdays      May 13-Aug. 19      5:30-9:30 p.m.
CRN 50368      STB-Rm.110          Tuition Fee $645

BHC Hawk’s Hub (bookstore) information
For a list of PaCE books, visit the Quad-Cities Hawk’s Hub page. Click on “Buy Books – QC Campus” then click the box marked Adult Ed. Books may be purchased at the bookstore or online.