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French I – Conversational
Instructor: M. Friedrichsen
In this fun and interactive class taught by a native speaker, you will receive clear and simple instruction for speaking and understanding the French language. Learn easy key words, correct pronunciation, listening and comprehension skills, the culture, and the social dos and don’ts. Please bring to the first class a three-ring binder, 15 tabbed divider sheets for the binder and a French-English/English-French dictionary.
4 Mon./4 Wed.       Feb. 9-Mar. 9          6-8 p.m.
CRN 11714             Bldg. 1-Rm. 301     Tuition Fee $120
(No class Feb. 16)

French II – Conversational (Part 1)
Instructor: M. Friedrichsen
Prerequisite: French I-Conversational or instructor’s permission.
This continuation of French I will emphasize pronunciation and refine your listening and comprehension skills. You will learn how to construct your very own short sentences. We will discuss food, travel, French culture and other useful tips. Class will be more individualized than French I.
Returning students please bring to the first class your French I binder and your French-English/English-French dictionary. New students please bring to the first class a three-ring binder, 15 tabbed divider sheets for the binder and a French-English/English-French dictionary.
3 Mon./3 Wed.         Mar. 11- Mar. 30        6-8 p.m.
CRN 11715               Bldg. 1-Rm. 301         Tuition Fee $96

French II – Conversational (Part 2)
Instructor: M. Friedrichsen
Prerequisite: French II – Conversational (Part 1) or instructor’s permission
This is the perfect class if you are familiar with the French language but need to brush up. You will review, practice and perfect pronunciation, key phrases, vocabulary, sentence construction and essential listening skills. Returning students please bring your French I and II binder and your French-English/English-French dictionary. New students please bring a French-English/English-French dictionary, a 3-hole binder and 15 tabbed divider sheets for the binder.
4 Wednesdays      Apr. 1-Apr. 22        6-8 p.m.
CRN 11716            Bldg. 1-Rm. 301     Tuition Fee $64

Italian I
Instructor: M. McCandless
Learn the basic Italian language and the most commonly used expressions from a true native of Italy. This interactive class will offer you the opportunity to practice correct pronunciation of the Italian language. Required textbook must be purchased at the Hawk’s Hub (the college bookstore) prior to first class.
8 Thursdays     Mar. 5-Apr. 30             6-8 p.m.
CRN 11783       Outreach-Rm. 408     Tuition Fee $120
(No class Apr. 2)

Spanish I
Instructor: M. Cavazos
Learn Spanish as you are introduced to vocabulary and expressions for everyday situations. Practice how to correctly pronounce the language while gaining knowledge of the Hispanic culture. It would also serve as a great refresher course. eBook is downloadable at a cost of $9.99. Go to Click on Downloads Prices & Orders. Look for the Travelers & Tourists title. Place your order for eBook. Material can be printed or transferred to a SmartPhone, iPad, Tablet or e-Reader.
8 Tuesdays      Feb. 24-Apr. 14           6-8 p.m.
CRN 11717      Bldg. 1-Rm. 406         Tuition Fee $120

Chinese (Mandarin) – I
Instructor: H. Chen
Use this beginning class to understand the basics of the Mandarin Language. You will learn numbers, everyday expressions, Chinese characters and the Chinese phonetic scheme from a native speaker who taught at both the high school and university level in China.
4 Tues./4        Thurs. Mar. 3-Mar. 26        6-8 p.m.
CRN 11718     Bldg. 1-Rm. 305                   Tuition Fee $120

Travel — Italy
Instructor: M. McCandless
Planning a trip to Italy? Wanting to learn a new language? Why not explore the Italian language and culture? In this class you will learn basic Italian words and phrases as well as the culture from a native Italian. Required textbook must be purchased at the Hawk’s Hub (the college bookstore) prior to first class.
3 Mondays      Apr. 13-Apr. 27            2:30-4:30 p.m.
CRN 11781      Outreach-Rm. 204     Fee $40

Travel — France
Instructor: M. Friedrichsen
No grammar! No homework! This fun interactive class will touch on the French culture, food and travel and social dos and don’ts. You will also learn and practice proper pronunciation of simple French words and phrases. Please bring a folder to class.
3 Wednesdays     Mar. 4-Mar. 18           2:30-4:30 p.m.
CRN 11777           Outreach-Rm. 204    Fee $40

Travel ­— Spanish
Instructor: M. Cavazos
Whether you are planning a trip or just want to learn the language, use this course as a way to quickly learn pronunciation, numbers, how to say currency, colors, months and days and everyday words and conversational phrases. You’ll also learn some travel-related vocabulary in this course taught by a native speaker.
4 Wednesdays     Apr. 22-May 13           10 a.m.-Noon
CRN 11793           Outreach-Rm. 407     Tuition Fee $65

Travel — Chinese
Instructor: H. Chen
Whether you are interested in getting the basics of the Chinese language for a trip or you want to learn the language for fun, this class will help you gain knowledge of basic Chinese conversation. You will also become acquainted with Chinese life and customs from a native speaker.
3 Wednesdays     Apr. 1-Apr. 15              10 a.m. – Noon
CRN 11782          Outreach-Rm. 204     Fee $40

Spanish for the Health Care Professional
Instructor: M. Cavazos
This class will help health care professionals communicate simply and effectively in Spanish to medical staff, patients and families. Learn Spanish pronunciation, basic vocabulary such as family members, numbers, body parts, times, and directions. Gather personal information and symptoms from a patient with confidence. Course includes learning kit with manual and audio CD.
In order to receive the learning kit for the first class, you must register by March 2.
7 Mondays       Mar. 9-Apr. 20        6-8 p.m.
CRN 11779       Bldg. 1-Rm. 302     Tuition Fee $140

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