Bank Teller Training

Take Charge! Achieving Teller Excellence is a comprehensive program that teaches you the knowledge, skills and attitude that make bank tellers successful. Upon completion students certified with our bank teller training program jump start their career in today’s banking industry. From how to count money to bank regulation compliance participants will receive industry leading bank teller training. Delivered online, the entire semester long course is accessible from any internet connection. The program, developed by the Edcomm Group, has been tested over 22 years. Hundreds of banks have used Edcomm’s expertise to train their bank employees.

Bankers can position Take Charge! Achieving Teller Excellence tellers at windows with significantly reduced in-house training. Students who complete the course receive a certificate of completion which is the cornerstone of a bank teller’s résumé.

Because the program is delivered on the internet, you can sign-in with your password from any computer, anytime. The course uses sound, video and animation to make learning challenging and entertaining.

The course is result oriented assuring you learn skills that are applicable in the bank teller industry. The program lasts for approximately a 3-month long semester. After you begin, the program tracks your progress and allows you to continue at your own pace. This program will welcome you into the exciting world of banking by giving an overview of the industry and a taste of the challenge of being a bank teller. Take Charge! Achieving Teller Excellence teaches how to process and settle transactions quickly and correctly, be mindful of compliance issues that affect your work, how to use the teller workstation and more.

Upon completion you can be instantly certified. The online tracking process delivers your bank teller certification. The certification is notice to banks that you have completed and passed Take Charge! – Achieving Teller Excellence, taken initiative, are educated and possess the skills they wish to hire. Certification is unique to each student and is verified by the online progress report.

Course Fee: $595

All students will receive:

  • Take Charge! Achieving Teller Excellence – Complete online bank teller training course used by hundreds of bank professionals.
  • Access to All Course Materials Online – 100% of all course material via your internet connection.
  • Bank Teller Certification – Online tracking delivers you bank teller certification instantly upon successful completion of the course at no extra cost.
  • Toll Free Access to Instructors – Speak with an instructor by calling the toll free number or emailing your question.
  • 24 Hour Help – Online help is available 365 days a year, 24 hours per day.
  • The World of Banking – Included in your tuition is this banking orientation video used by banks across the United States.
  • Who Wants to Be a Banker? – Test your banking knowledge and skill with this interactive game. The only requirements for you to access this program is access to a computer with an internet connection and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher installed.
Unit 1 - Orientation »

Unit 1 – Orientation

Module 1 – Overview of the Course
Take Charge!
Course Agenda
Using the Learning System

Module 2 – Introduction to Banking
History of Banking
Flow of Money
Branch Information
Branch Team Members

Module 3 – Introduction to Your Bank
History of Your Bank
Vision and Values

Unit 2 - The Job of the Teller »

Unit 2 – The Job of the Teller

Module 1 – The Teller
Teller Job Description
Teller for a Day
Teller Skills
Teller Standards
A Career Path
How to Get Ahead

Module 2 – Professionalism
How to Look Professional
Professional Behavior
Handling Confidentiality

Module 3 – Teller Basics
Efficient Work Habits
Working with Numbers
Bookkeeping Basics

Module 4 – Tools of the Teller
Teller System Components
Teller System Functions
Teller Tools

Unit 3 - Products and Services »

Unit 3 – Products and Services

Module 1 – Our Products
Bank Products and Services
Products and Services Resources
Types of Account Ownership

Module 2 – Checking Accounts
Checking Accounts Overview
Regular Checking
Basic Checking
VIP Checking
Free Checking
Interest Bearing Checking
Student Checking
Senior Checking
Commercial Checking

Module 3 – Savings Accounts
Savings Accounts Overview
Basic Savings
Children’s Savings
Savings Clubs
Commercial Savings
Certificates of Deposit
Money Market Accounts

Module 4 – Account Add-Ons
Account Add-Ons Overview
ATM Card
Check Card
Overdraft Protection
Direct Deposit
Online Banking

Module 5 – Loans
Loans Overview
Consumer Loans
Credit Cards
Mortgage Loans
Home Equity Loans
Commercial Loans

Module 6 – Other Products and Services
Other Products and Services Overview
Safe Deposit Boxes
Cash Management Services
Insurance Products
Investment Products
Trust Services
Negotiable Instruments
Wire Transfers
Savings Bonds

Unit 4 - Teller Procedures »

 Unit 4 – Teller Procedures

Module 1- Cash Handling
Coin and Currency
Counterfeit vs. Genuine
Cash Counting System
Strapped/Rolled Amounts
Receiving and Paying Cash
Setting Up Your Cash Drawer
Protecting Your Cash Drawer

Module 2 – Customer Transactions
Intro to Customer Transactions
Before You Process a Transaction
What Makes a Check Acceptable?
Types of Endorsements
Check Cashing
Negotiable Instrument Purchases
Redeeming Savings Bonds
Balance Inquiries

Module 3 – Teller Transactions
Intro to Teller Transactions
Logging In and Out
Using Menus
Buying and Selling Cash
Teller Balancing

Unit 5 - Customer Handling »

Unit 5 – Customer Handling

Module 1- The Customer Experience
The Customer
Customer Experience Statements
Giving and Getting Respect

Module 2 – Customer Handling System
Gold Gift
Greet the Customer
Observe Proper Procedures
Listen and Understand Customer Needs
Determine Document Accuracy
Get Ready to Process
Identify the Customer
Finish the Transaction
Thank the Customer
Giving a Gold Gift

Module 3 – Communication Skills
How We Communicate
You Cannot Not Communicate!
Telephone Usage

Module 4 – Communication Strategies
Problem Customers
Problem Situations

Module 5 – Special Types of Customers
Youthful Customers
Not-So-Youthful Customers
Customers with Disabilities

Unit 6 - Security and Risk »

 Unit 6 – Security and Risk

Module 1 – Compliance
Compliance Introduction
Regulatory Agency Overview
Audits and Examinations
Bank Secrecy Act
USA Patriot Act
Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act
Right to Financial Privacy Act
Community Reinvestment Act – CRA
Truth in Savings Act
Equal Credit Opportunity Act – ECOA
Regulation D
Regulation E
Regulation P
Regulation Q
Regulation CC

Module 2 – Identification
Identifying a Customer
Examining Signatures
Signature Cards
Primary Identification
Secondary Identification

Module 4 – Branch Security
Security and Customer Service
Dual Control
Unlawful Activities
Cons and Frauds

Module 5 – Emergency Situations
Bait Money
Bomb Threats

Last updated 1/28/2015