Wheel Alignment/Suspension Certificate

Last updated 6/17/2015

Certificate Code 5514

Program Contacts:
East Campus
Gary Werkheiser, 309-854-1833, werkheiserg@bhc.edu
Recruiter, 309-854-1724

The Wheel Alignment/Suspension certificate program provides students with practical knowledge of the component parts as well as the diagnostic and repair procedure required to become an alignment-suspension specialist. Students completing this certificate program may be employed as entry-level alignment-suspension technicians in alignment-suspension shops, automotive repair businesses, or automotive dealerships. This program may be completed in one semester.

Enrollment in the Wheel Alignment/Suspension certificate program is limited. Students are required to provide their own basic set of tools. Information on admission requirements and required tools may be secured from one of the contact persons or the Enrollment Services Office.

Wheel Alignment/Suspension Certificate
Certificate Code 5514
Course of Study Outline – Suggested Courses (Credit Hours)

Spring Semester
AUTO 115 — Wheel Alignment & Suspension (4)
MECH 104 — Electrical Systems II (3)
MECH 108 — Hydraulic Transmissions (3)
MECH 109 — Power Trains (3)
MECH 211 — Engine Repair II (4)

Minimum total hours required for certificate (17)

Courses for this program include: »

AUTO 115 Wheel Alignment and Suspension
4 cr. hrs.;
2 lecture hours; 4 lab hours per week.
A study of suspension systems and repair. Principles of wheel alignment, repair, and adjustment.

MECH 104 Electrical Systems II
1-4 cr. hrs.;
2 lecture hours; 4 lab hours per week.
Prerequisite: MECH 103 or Instructor consent.
Study of electronics, regulation systems, ignition systems, components and accessories. Circuit understanding, troubleshooting, repair and service will be emphasized.

MECH 108 Hydraulic Transmissions
1-3 cr. hrs.;
2 lecture hours; 2 lab hours per week.
The study of theory, operation, service and repair of hydraulic power and shift transmissions. Emphasis will be placed on current use transmissions. Student skill development in analysis and repair procedures will be stressed.

MECH 109 Power Trains
3 cr. hrs.;
2 lecture hours; 2 lab hours per week.
A working knowledge of the functions, designs, construction and service of various power trains. Course emphasis to be on various types of clutches, multi-speed manual transmissions, drive lines, rear axles and differentials.

MECH 211 Engine Repair II
4 cr. hrs.;
2 lecture hours; 4 lab hours per week.
Prerequisite: MECH 111 or instructor consent.
Application of theory to engine repair; analysis of engine failures, engine machining, service repair to engine systems. Emphasis on practical decision making and development of repair skills.

Gainful Employment

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Wheel Alignment/Suspension Certificate