PC Application Programmer Certificate

Last updated 6/2/2015

Certificate Code: 5848

Program Contacts:
QC Campus
Debbie Collins, 309-796-5316, collinsd@bhc.edu

This certificate is offered at the Quad-Cities Campus.

This program is a one-year certificate that is ideal for those individuals with no previous programming experience who wish to enter this exciting and demanding career field. Course offerings are designed to give the fundamentals of programming through the creation of programs written in high-level programming languages. Black Hawk College’s PC Application Programmer Certificate provides students with the ability to develop, test, implement, and document customized desktop applications. Students will create object-oriented and event-driven programs using the Visual Basic programming language and will create customized Word, Excel, and Access applications using VBA.

Students starting this program and wishing to continue their education can do so with the Computer Information Technology Application Developer Track AAS.

Graduates of the program will find employment in PC programming in a business environment. The student will be prepared for an entry-level programming position.

PC Application Programmer Certificate
Certificate Code: 5848
Course of Study Outline – Suggested Courses (Credit Hours)
First Semester
BE 146 — Excel for Business (3)
BE 164 — Introduction to Database Management (3)
CIP 101 — Computer Logic & Design (3)
1ENGT 105 — PC Applications in Technology (3)
2Technical Elective (3)

CIP 201 — Microsoft Project (1)

Second Semester
CIP 104 — Intro to Computer Programming (3)
CIP 151 — Adv Office Applications w/VBA – spring only (3)
CIP 227 — Database Management – spring only (3)
3Technical Elective (3)

Summer Semester
CIP 214 — C# Programming (4)

Minimum total hours required for certificate (32)

1May substitute CS 100 Introduction to Computers (3)
2, 3Suggested Technical Electives (6)
CIP 170 — Web Page Development (3)
CIP 182 — JavaScript (3)
CIP 217 — Advanced C# Programming (4)
NETW 120 — Basic Computer Networks (3)
NETW 167 — Scripting for Systems Administration (3)

Courses for this program include: »

BE 146 Microsoft Excel
3 cr. hrs.;
3 lecture hours; 0 lab hours per week.
Use of current spreadsheet software on microcomputers.

BE 164 Introduction to Database Management
1 cr. hr.;
1 lecture hour; 0 lab hours per week.
Includes features of current Windows-based database management software.

CIP 101 Computer Logic and Design
3 cr. hrs.;
2 lecture hours; 2 lab hours per week.
An introduction to computational thinking. Students will learn to analyze problems and employ their use, apply the three basic programming structures – (sequence, decision, and repetition) – and top-down design to develop a solution. Students will also learn how information is stored including base 2 and hexadecimal numbering systems and how data is used in computing. Students will develop algorithms to solve a problem and write programs to implement.

CIP 104 Intro to Computer Programming
3 cr. hrs.;
3 lecture hours; 0 lab hours per week.
Prerequisite: CIP 101 or concurrent enrollment in CIP 101 recommended.
This course teaches the student the use of key structured programming statements and the use of a programming language in writing microcomputer application programs. Proper programming design, structure, and logic are emphasized.

CIP 151 Adv Office Applications w/VBA
3 cr. hrs.;
3 lecture hours; 0 lab hours per week.
Prerequisites: CIP 101 or CIP 104 and CS 100 or ENGT 105 or CIP 190 or instructor consent.
Students will learn to automate Microsoft Office applications using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

CIP 201 Microsoft Project
1 cr. hr.;
1 lecture hours; 0 lab hours per week.
Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows OS.
Develop an understanding of and ability to use Microsoft project in managing projects. Case studies will be Information Technology focused projects.

CIP 214 C# Programming
4 cr. hrs.;
4 lecture hours; 0 lab hours per week.
Prerequisites: CS 101, CS 121 or CIP 104. Concurrent enrollment in CIP 227 or CIP 126.
This course uses the C# programming language to create, GUI-based (Windows) applications, applying effective development strategies based on object-oriented programming. Topics include: forms and controls, input validation, dialog boxes, events, array processing, classes, text file processing, structures, enumerated lists, and applications with multiple forms.

CIP 227 Database Management
3 cr. hrs.;
3 lecture hours; 0 lab hours per week.
Relational database concepts are introduced. Topics covered are data modeling using ER diagrams and normalization, database creation in Microsoft SQL Server. Students will use Structure Query Language (SQL) creating tables, views, stored procedures and triggers, and selection. Database Administration concepts include security, backup and restore. Students completing this course will be prepared to take the Microsoft Technology Associate Database Fundamentals Exam.

ENGT 105 PC Applications in Technology
3 cr. hrs.;
2 lecture hours; 2 lab hours per week.
A course designed for developing computer communicating information skills in an Engineering Technology career environment. Course focuses on needed computer operator skills; usage of current computer operating systems software and utilities; Microsoft’s Office application software Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer; Productivity software: Outlook; and Simulation software Automation Studio.

Gainful Employment

Gainful employment is one important measure that students and parents should pay attention to as they examine colleges and programs. All non-degree programs must be designed to lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation in order to be deemed eligible for federal student aid. These programs are generally less than 2 years in length and result in a certificate.

PC Application Programmer Certificate